For the past two weeks, the heavens have fractured, spilling forth a deluge of rain. Like a faulty spigot, some days the water gushed torrentially and other days the water slowed to a steady dripping. The temperature, as if confused like the rest of us, rose and dropped randomly according to its whim. But the ever present rain persisted.

And I, who had been renovating my house for the past several months looked forward, with great relief, to the completion of the last task: exterior painting. Once accomplished. I would be finished.

I could rest.

But for the last two weeks, much to my chagrine, the task has been postponed due to rain.

The ever giving,

life- bringing…



And like a hapless victim, I waited.

Hand raised to the heaven, I cursed the rain.

And waited. And pouted.

Until a realization came. An idea, arriving very late to the pity party, began to weigh in.

Why had I been allowing myself to completely give up on my plans just because I had hit a very wet wall? The exterior painting had been the completion of the contracted work, but I had a list of small interior tasks that I had scheduled for after the contractor had left.

The overall plan, clearly stepped out with time tables, had not stalled. The vision had not changed. The order of the steps, however, had. I realized that by allowing the barrier of the rain to derail me, I and only I caused the stress I had been feeling.

Energized and renewed with purpose, I accomplished the things I could accomplish indoors rescheduling the painting for the very next sunny day.

Why do we allow barriers to loom majestic as a mountain, impeding our path towards the vision?

Is there a barrier in your path? Do you feel your vision is out of reach? Are you “stuck in life” waiting for the barrier to disappear?

Today’s challenge is to re-examine those barriers so that you don’t give up on your vision.

1. Examine your timetable.

You may be in a hurry to achieve a goal that requires more time than you have allowed. A goal worth attaining is worth your patience. Is the barrier real? Or is it just time. Time, despite HG Wells assertions, cannot be manipulated. Use the time to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally for the achievement when it comes.

2. Examine your barriers

When you find yourself stalled, really examine the barrier. How did it appear on your path? What implications did it bring? Is it a skill that you need to achieve your goal? If so, do what it takes to acquire this skill. Is it a person or supervisor blocking your way? Dont give up. Communicate your vision to them and ask for their guidance. Whatever the barrier may be…examine it, address it or work around it until it is resolved.

3. Don’t give up.

The surest way to defeat is surrender. Don’t give up on your vision. Persistence and patience partnered with Determination is key. These attributes define every person that strives for a dream and found success.

As you walk your path you WILL encounter barriers. Expect them. Plan for them if you can. And then, address them.

It will not rain forever. Stop cursing the sky and take charge of your dream.

11 thoughts on “Waiting for the Rain to end

  1. I always find that God’s timing far surpasses my own. I moaned and carried on for 11 years as a single mother before God brought me a true gem to share my life. Not my timing for sure. Good post and excellent reminder about our idea of scheduling.

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