Learning to Lean

Two years ago, I wrote a few blog posts on Learning to Lead, pertaining to leadership styles and the importance of developing yourself to be someone that people wanted to follow. Depending on which leadership gurus you follow, there are multiple theories on the best leadership style for success. That is not my intention today. … Continue reading Learning to Lean


At the end of February, I attended the Alabama Conference on Social Work in Orange Beach Alabama. I am on the board so I might be biased, but it is the best social work conference in the Southeast! For three days I attended informative classes and workshops to increase my knowledge, skills and abilities in … Continue reading SOCIAL MEDICINE

The Borg

OK. I'll admit it. I am a Trekker! And I do mean an old school fan: A James Tiberius Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy kind of fan. The original Star Trek television show, while not infused with complex or even meaningful plot lines, evokes within me a warm memory of family time. Being the … Continue reading The Borg

Finding Self Esteem

Twenty-Twenty-One. New year. New adventures. New opportunities for Development and Growth. At 59, I decided to complete my life circle and retire from executive leadership to return to my first love and true calling: working with traumatized individuals. I opened up my private therapy practice, called Willow Tree Family Counseling. I wanted to work with … Continue reading Finding Self Esteem