Sitting on my mother’s patio,  in the early morning as spears of golden light form bands of simmering art on the concrete, I relish my time alone.  The others are sleeping after a frantic round of Christmas gatherings.  So much food, presents and general mirth, Christmas has yet to arrive and we are tired.  

As I often do in the mornings, I read blogs of writers I admire.  The first blog I read impacted me immensely.  blogged about a Christmas past.  (Read: Christmas from my side.) His writing transported me to a world I have never experienced. And I read about a strength and character building moment…just a snapshot, but an inspiration.

With so much excess, Christmas has become an excuse for over-indulging in absolutely everything.  The aftermath of which leaves most people here slightly depressed that the LOVE and joy spread at Christmas doesnt always last the whole year.  What does last are the credit card bills and the anxiety of those who (wrapped up in the frenzy) spent more than they could afford.

Christmas should be more of a celebration of Jesus than of each other.  In Madekesiworld, despite the disappointment of no Christmas his mother still took them to church to celebrate the birth of Christ.  We read the Christmas story in our family on Christmas Eve, and thank God for sending his only son to us..But that is right before we dive into presents.

I will process this for next year.  At least in my household Santa needs to be the understudy and not the star.

My Christmas wish is that children all over the world, no matter their situation have one person who loves them unquestionably and helps them to feel valued.
Merry Christmas to all


17 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish

  1. I love your Christmas wish. In our family, we too do our best to avoid the hype and commercialism that seems to have consumed Christmas. We had a beautiful, happy, love filled Christmas Eve with extended family. May your New Year be joyful and blessed. Thank you so much for the follow.

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