Amber’s Mom

Foster Parenting: a true and ernest path for some...a Mission of Hope and Healing for those who are called. The road traveled, often paved with frustration, heartache and tears allows foster parents to play an integral part in the permanency for foster children. They choose the rocky road because, within themselves, they discover something stronger... … Continue reading Amber’s Mom

Fitting In

Photo by Betsy Biddle Lange I love looking at rock patterns in the natural. Without pre-purposed design, a group of stones, all different colors, shapes and sizes fit together as a composition of balance that would not be possible if all of the rocks were identical. They would not fit. During my middle to high … Continue reading Fitting In

Holding Up

Photo by Betsy Biddle Lange While vacationing in the Smokey Mountains one Autumn, I happened across a rock formation similar to the one pictured. Both magnificent and terrifying in sheer size, the onyx colored monolith dominated the median of a boulevard. Impervious to the stream of tiny cars flitting like moths around a porch light, … Continue reading Holding Up