Yes, and how many years must a mountain exist
Before it is washed to the sea?
And how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind. Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s poem/song really underscored the pain and frustration he felt about how the world was going in his time. He wrote the song in 1962, but it could easily have been written today. In the song, he poses questions to his fellow man about war, racism, hate and the denial, for some, of basic human rights. Dylan accuses mankind of not seeing the atrocities around them. He even poses that the answers are right in front of them (blowin’ in the wind) but man ignores the truth.

What is the relevance of this song from the early 1960’s?

If you turn on the news today, more than likely you will hear about

  • Mass shootings
  • Hate crimes
  • Prejudice manifested through words and deeds for any lifestyle different from theirs
  • Social Media dividing families and friends.

I find myself saddened by all of the malevolence around me. But I am absolutely disgusted by all of the complacency. How can we watch with our heads in the sand. I want to know the answer for myself. But, if the answer is in the wind, I can’t always hear it. Or maybe I, too, allow my life to drown out the gentle whispers of the wind.

Why have we devolved into opposing camps? Even our own friends and family seem to be affected. It’s as if, driven by our differences and disagreements, we shut each other down rather than listening to each other.

Brene Brown wrote an article about disagreements and how the importance of listening to each other. She articulated that she knew she was ready to have a meaningful conversation when the following occurred.

I know I am ready to give feedback when:

  • I’m ready to sit next to you rather than across from you.
  • I’m willing to put the problem in front of us rather than between us (or sliding it toward you).
  • I’m ready to listen ask questions, and accept that I may not fully understand the issue.
  • I want to acknowledge what you do well instead of picking apart your mistakes.
  • I recognize your strengths and how you can use them to address your challenges.
  • I can hold you accountable without shaming or blaming you.
  • I’m willing to own my part.
  • I can genuinely thank you for your efforts rather than criticize you for your failings.
  • I can talk about how resolving these challenges will lead to your growth and opportunity.
  • I can model the vulnerability and openness that I expect to see from you

I experienced conviction after reading that article. So, I challenge myself as well as others to really be mindful of who we are shutting out. Examine ourselves to see if we are at a place with people we care about where we can listen without judgement and accept each other without having to be in 100 % agreement.

It wouldn’t hurt to try.

9 thoughts on “Blowin’ In The Wind

  1. Perhaps the complacency comes from the perception by many that racism and hate crimes are being overblown and exaggerated. It seems there was a heck of a lot more racism going on in the early-60s than today. I see civil rights leaders in the news complaining about it, and making a big spectacle about anything that they can construe as racism, but I don’t see many examples of actual 60’s style racism occurring these days. So I don’t get the outrage. I’m wondering if it’s all just a big scam.


    1. I appreciate your comment and your viewpoint. It really goes to what I was saying that we don’t have to agree with each other, but it is important that we can consider that it might be important to hear.

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  2. Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?
    The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed him, saying,
    Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.
    Psalms 2:1-3

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  3. This is so good! I was moved this morning as I sat at the Mayors prayer breakfast ! I was tired and complaining as I drove downtown at 5:45 AM this morning. Still, something extraordinary happened as I walked into this vast room with hundreds of leaders, pastors, politicians, friends, and maybe even a few enemies. This morning every race and lifestyle stood united shoulder to shoulder, proclaiming unity in the name of God! I saw the beauty of the outpouring of love, and it broke my heart because today, we are complacent and judgmental! I will wake up and be this person daily because today was a beautiful sight.
    By the way, I love that song! Thank you for sharing the love as always, my beautiful friend. Keep being the light.

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  4. Thank you for your eloquent exploration of the human condition! You always find a way to the heart of the matter. I am grateful for your wisdom and the energy you direct in sharing it!!!

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