I heard a song today on my way to the office. The lyrics captivated me and started one of those thought-themes in my brain.

Truth be Told (Matthew West)

I say that I’m fine, yes I’m fine oh I’m fine.

but I’m not

I’m Broken

and when its out of control I say its under control but its not

And you know it

I dont know why its so hard to admit it

when being honest is the only way to fix it

There’s no failure no fall

There’s no sin you don’ts already know

So let the truth be told.

Knowing the way my brain works, you could probably figure out, I started wondering how that song applied to my life and the lives of those around me. I mean, the dude pretty much nailed how we are almost indoctrinated to think that strength and maturity meant that we could take care of ourselves. Even when we need a little help. God forbid we admit that to others and even worse, that we ask for help.

So while I am mulling all of the nuances of the lyrics, I remembered the quote pictured above by Robert Frost from the poem: A Servant of Servants.

Frost (a personal literary idol of mine) touches on so many things that this blog is about with his quote: Walking your path, overcoming obstacles, facing the hard things. I know that chronic avoidance is not healthy. And his words speak of strength and empowering others to face life…Just walk through it.

So, I get it, Mr. Frost. But as a poet, who understands the rhythm and cadence of everything, you should understand that timing is everything. And, not everybody has reached the place to go through. Most importantly, while “through” is certainly the best way out of the darkness, no one said you had to walk through it alone.

Like the song, strength is often believed to be evident in our assertions that we are OK, despite the struggles we may currently face. Truth be told, real strength lies in our ability to admit vulnerability and a need for each other.

Think about it. What takes more courage? Roaring loudly as you crash through the woods, or admitting quietly that you could use a little help with the thicker brush?

Truth Be Told…Just a thought for Monday.

7 thoughts on “A Thought for a Monday: True Strength

  1. I enjoyed your article Angie…and the truth is, that at my stage of life I am needing more help to cope with life’s tasks… and yes, I’ve now applied to be on the aged care program, and receiving help in the home, a cleaner once a fortnight has been great…. and now I am on the program, … if my needs increase, help is easily available… Cheers. Ivor…

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    1. I am really glad to hear that you do have the courage to ask for help. I truly believe that is an underrated strength. Because at some times in our life we all need help and to act like we don’t is the highest form of hubris.Thank you for your comment.

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