The King is dead! Long live the queen! Good bye 2020. So long! I cannot tell you, with adequately evil adjectives, how much I am glad to watch you leave. Even in your leaving, you had to make a big noise of a storm to huff and puff your way to extinction. You will be remembered with disdain, loathing and the pain of lost loves… but you will be remembered. Even now your 2020 stench remains, while pandemic tendrils continue to reach for our jugulars, choking out our very lives. But we hope for better. We cry out for change.

And we, with our faces all scrubbed clean and wearing our Sunday best, rise up to greet this newly crowned royal, breathless with expectation of deliverance from you…( a real dastardly fellow!)

Young Miss 2021, the new queen, sashays in, her long flowing train gripped firmly by the lovely trio of Hope, Promise, and that peculiar little one: Dreams.

Our excitement, marred slightly by the residual reality that nothing has really changed yet, also gives us a stirring of frustration. The cold truth is that I still have friends who are falling victim to the brutal enemy. But what did we think? Did we think the mere changing of a number would make it all go away? We must hold on. The thorny path we are on goes on a little further, but there is a promise of change in the air.

On the horizon I hear the smallest of glimmering wishes whispered in her dainty little ear:

  • A vaccine that works and is available to all
  • A renewed trust in social interaction
  • A new leader to usher the little lady 2021 into the ball
  • A return to some semblance of normalcy

I want to both encourage and caution! Yes, the normalcy will come, but it is not yet here. We must maintain a little while longer, the safety measures put into place. We must not let the emotional exhaustion consume us, for there is a light at the end of the path. Let us continue to walk, carefully, measuredly towards the beginning of healing.

My New Year’s resolution for 2021. Take nothing for granted, appreciate all the blessings in my life and tell everyone who is important to me how much I love them.

13 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. “pandemic tendrils continue to reach for our jugulars, choking out our very lives.”

    Straight outta pulp fiction.😳

    Just today I said to myself, “Where had Angie been?”

    Nice post. You’ve described the switch from 20 to 21 like only Angie can. Epic!🤠

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  2. Well said, Angie! You’ve put into words my own tortured reality of still being choked by the “pandemic tendrils.” My sister is now the latest victim in our family to become infected. Her son and daughter-in-law have both recovered. The son who lives with her is recovering.
    Perfect resolutions for another year of uncertainties and loss. Blessings ❤

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your family. I sometimes wonder about the pattern or rather non-pattern of who develops Covid and who does not. Rather like a tornado who will destroy one house and leave the next-door house in tact. It would be fascinating if it were not so tragic.I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers

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