November sped by like a bullet train. I have been so busy; caught up in the hampster wheel of my career and my personal life that I blinked and almost missed it.

And now…Thanksgiving is in a few days. The beginning of the holiday season that brings such joy to some and such loneliness for others. Those who are blessed with family and friends enter the season with anticipation, even excitement as they plan parties, dinners and shop for gifts. The tinsel and lights come out and our houses smell like cinnamon, balsam and pumpkin.

But there are some with much less to evoke excited anticipation. Those who suffer from depression, substance abuse and those who have suffered a recent loss feel the weight of that loneliness and isolation even more during the holidays.

I am so grateful for the blessings in my life. I am thankful for my family and friends who have kept me grounded and uplifted my soul when it was low. I am thankful for a career that allowed me to work in a demanding field that made a difference. And I am thankful for the WordPress blogging community whose words have entertained, educated and enlightened me.

But I also feel the weight of my blessings when I see the faces of those whose bucket is not as full.

Therefore, I am repeating my last year’s challenge to be thankful by sharing. Thanksgiving and Christmas are opportunities to bless others. Homeless shelters, Rehab Centers and Domestic Violence centers house families who may not be in a position to enjoy the holidays like we can. They would graciously receive your help. Whether you give money, gifts or even your time, you would be making a difference

If you feel drawn towards helping children, choose a few Angel’s from the Angel Tree and provide them Christmas. Donate to your local child welfare or foster program to help them provide presents for children separated from their families. Everything helps.

I am so blessed. Being thankful is not enough. Giving back is a way to share our blessings with others.