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Children in the Shadow of Addiction

Sunlight assaulting.
Piercing the
curtainless window with its
accusing spotlight


Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

She lets out a cry,
wounded,  sheep-like,
and looks away
her pupils as large
as saucers.

with tiny pink roses
once laid out
on the child’s table
shards now spilling
like mosaic tiles
onto the floor
all shattered but one.

She can’t remember how.

She shields her eyes,
one slight hand
trembles as she covers them
blinding her
to the sight
of the tiny angel
like a wadded up napkin
that had been
tossed in the corner
stained but Silent.

A rain cloud
slowly usurps
the power of the angry sun
inch by inch
dulling the light
until the spotlight
goes out
as does she
on the floor
by the broken teacups

(c) Angela McClintock


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