“Hate is a cancer, slowly killing everything it touches.  Hate is the product of fear and an inability to apply reason to maladaptive beliefs.   Hate is the culmination of rhetoric spewed by dangerous people on the lost and gullible.  And we, who see hate for what it is, cannot be silent.” Angela McClintock 8.13.17.

Why did I quote myself?  Hubris?  No.  I want to make a point that if we, who abhor racism, violence, hatred in any form, do not go “on the record with our protests; we are choosing to look the other way.  There are multitudes of examples of small minded self important leaders who influence other small minded individuals to follow them down a dark and dangerous rabbit hole.  These people are not a majority but they thrive when the majority is silent.  Our silence allows their message to be heard.

One of the tenets of Social Work is Social Justice.  We believe in and are dedicated to holding high the banner proclaiming the worth and dignity of every human being with no regard to their race, ethnicity or religious belief.  Silence, on the other hand speaks volumes.

The water for camels blog was designed for encouragement.  But in light of recent events, I cannot encourage without challenging.  One voiced raised in outrage makes little noise.  It is an easily ignored annoyance swatted away like a mosquito.  But each voice added makes a difference.  Each new outcry creates a harmonic thread that builds crescendo to a cacophony of NO!!  

It is time for the voices of hate to be drowned out by the message of hope.  Will you sing with us?

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