Who are the Modern Day Heroes?  They are the ones who willingly take on the trauma of others in order to help those individuals transcend their current situation.  These heroes are the  Social Workers, Therapists and other service professionals who do not get praise or recognition for their acts of service. They are not publically lauded for their sacrifice.  Men, Women, Families and Children come to them or are referred every day when their current life crisis becomes too much to bear.  And these professionals take up the challenge to join with the hurting on the journey to healing.  However, stalking them on the path to healing, is Pain and Trauma.  From my experience, trauma is like an airborn virus.  Exposure leads to infection. Therefore, helping someone to navigate the thorns of Trauma, often leaves the helper covered in scratches.

Like a Camel, the social worker must shoulder unbelievably heavy burdens in the desert.  But instead of sand, they wade through negativity, blame and criticism.  The “Water” of encouragement comes scarcely or not at all.  Every day a social worker, exhausted and dessicated from lack of replenishment, falter, drop their burdens and leave their mission.  Self preservation motivates this departure.

Interestingly, just a few drops can sustain the walk.  A word of praise or encouragement, a successful intervention, even a moment of laughter can slake the thirst and move them forward. My desire for this blog is to offer “Water” to these heroes with encouragement, positive framing and recounting stories of successful interventions.

Let this be an Oasis.

7 thoughts on “Watering the Camels

  1. It is true that Social Work can be taxing and frustrating. It is difficult enough to deal with none- adherence to treatments, but it is even worst when patients want to adhere to treatments but can’t because there are NO resources. Still, I do not see myself doing any other job. I take as much ME time I need in order not to only give to my patients but also to my family.


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